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i am back from my road trip! and it was such a pleasure.   now, that i am back…it is back to business. i have so much to do…cleaning, organizing, gardening, juicing, and all sorts of prep work for UNIQUE LA in may! i have so many ideas swimming around, i can hardly stand it.

but first, i want to decorate with all the new gadgets i found while thrifting on my journey. priorities first, my friends.

my dear friend, sarah glass, took me to my first thrift store in high school back in Alabama…and i haven’t stopped since. i get such joy when i find treasures, as though i just won a gold medal.  there is a value village by my brothers house in olympia that i score at every time! i hit a bunch in oregon on the way back to LA. i just couldn’t stop myself. it might be a bit of a problem. i use to sell the vintage stuff i would find on etsy, but i have slowed that down and have been hoarding it for myself. however,  now that i have come home with so many new treasures, it might be time to purge…i have no room left in my house. yikes!!! (it’s not that bad…i just have no storage to hide things)

here are a few photos of the gems i scored!  the first photo is a bunch of branches i found in my brothers backyard and sea rocks i found on the coast in oregon…both awaiting projects! the things i find in nature always trump anything i could have bought! it is pure satisfaction.

ok, maybe i went overboard…but i scored some great baking pieces, an espresso maker, a tea kettle…all things i would want to pay full price for, but didn’t! i think my favorite things are the sears cooker/fryer that i will probably never use and the carpet tapestry everything is sitting on!

more posts to come  about the road trip!

i have had some pretty good luck thrifting the past few weeks
(after months of not so much) and  i am so excited about the pieces i found! especially the wicker peacock chair. i felt my cheeks turn red i was so excited when i saw it and…chi-ching! with no hesitation. thinking of painting it white? then there is the 1968 fondue set that came with the original recipe book. and the vintage leather suitcase that was just sittiing behind the counter at the goodwill…just sitting there. it still has tape on the side with georgette’s name on it.  the inside actually has an insert shelf! picture doesn’t really do it justice.

found a few fun pieces for etsy as well. that is to come soon!