i tend to have an overwhelming amount of things i want to do, need to do, things i want, things i need to get. i have books filled with lists some of which gets crossed off, some not. i am here to document these projects,recipes, moments, trips, ideas, and love. to inspire myself, or maybe even you!

i have recently moved from the city streets of los angeles to the backroads of colorado.  i uprooted my life in search of something new, or perhaps my own ‘eat pray love’ or ‘under the tuscan sun’ moments.  i am currently working on my jewelry and art line, when i am not trying to figure out what to eat next. in LA, i worked as a freelance wardrobe stylist for 9 years, with numerous odd jobs and adventures in between.  i have a major amount of wanderlust floating around and more often than not, i am daydreaming of my next trip, idea, project, and meal!

I LOVE: travel. mexican coke. cooking. nature. getting out of bed for a cup of coffee. spider plants. gardening. the dog and the cat. doodling. raw milk. music. hiking. my family. style. the smell of pine. creative efforts(mine and yours). taking pictures. vintage. stupidity & laughter. the occasional good book. curiosity. yoga. red lips. all things lovely. all that is natural. acupuncture. abandoned spaces.the idea of simplicity. the online dictionary. deterioration. child psychology. the feeling when something falls into your lap. found objects in nature. antique malls in alabama. europe. over thinking. native american culture. american culture and figuring out how to fix it. bur rata. learning. films. photo shoots. random creativity. inspirational people. weird people. endearing people. maps. subways. ayurveda. headphones. wood. holes in the wall. learning. old friends. the food network. wanderlust

my name is annie.


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